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Far-Reaching Brand


StandOut Communications designed a branding strategy and developed a website for the company AA for Global Trading and Commercial Agencies. The company specializes in general trading, import, export and distribution of goods and commodities, as well as representation of commercial agencies in Iraq and the Middle East. 



StandOut Communications agreed with the client on the overall branding concept based on their business strategy and objectives. The branding strategy covered brand positioning and development. Multiple designs were proposed to the client for the branding package, including the logo, letterhead, stamp, business cards and website. The content was crafted to be simple, brief and appealing to the targeted multilingual, diverse markets.



At the request of the client, the branding strategy and package were delivered in three weeks, including printed business cards. Shortly afterwards, a user friendly, responsive and multi-device compatible website was developed and published online in English and Arabic. The client requested StandOut Communications to handle content management and search engine optimization, while continuing to advise on brand positioning and marketing approaches.


“StandOut Communications did a great job in a timely manner. They actually helped us introduce a far-reaching brand and set foot online.”