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Exploring E-Commerce Potential


StandOut Communications was engaged to help an investor in exploring the potential of e-commerce platforms in a post-conflict country in the Middle East.


Extensive market research was conducted to determine the feasibility of an e-commerce project. The scarcity of accurate information and statistics was a major challenge. StandOut Communications consulted with multiple local stakeholders, investigated existing platforms, and thoroughly studied both the local and regional markets. Respective security, political, and economic dynamics were taken into consideration. This enabled in-depth analysis of consumer trends, market needs, as well as risks that helped identify effective approaches to project design and implementation.


The e-commerce project, comprised of a feasibility study and platform design, was delivered to the client in a timely manner. The study featured findings and recommendations, including operational and financial projections. The platform design offered unique functions that are crucial for success in the targeted geographic location.


“This e-commerce project is as insightful, creative, and promising as it can get.”