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Campaigning for Impact


StandOut Communications provided overall campaign guidance and management to a leading member of an electoral alliance who was running for Iraq’s parliamentary elections.


StandOut Communications designed a strategic approach to the client’s campaign, including a comprehensive electoral program. Implementation included messaging in Arabic and English, multimedia production, in addition to media placement. As the client had no previous social media presence, public pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were created from scratch, then managed to maximize reach and impact.


Within a few weeks, the client’s public reach was at its highest levels. They were well positioned in the race through dozens of activities, prime time television interviews, talk shows, news reports, mentions, and advertisements. Their Twitter page attracted hundreds of followers, with posts exceeding 400,000 impressions. Their Facebook page reached 90,000 users in no time. Video posts alone generated over 500,000 views. The campaign was rewarding to the client.


“My newly established digital presence and well prepared media appearances helped me reach more people, better. The campaign wouldn’t have been the same without such professional support.”