Services Standout Communication

StandOut Communications believes that every thought and action instigates a chain of thoughts and reactions. Once their foundation is well engineered, a cumulative effect is produced. This provokes largely anticipated reactions at the stakeholder level, while influencing underlying norms and cultures.

With our international expertise and a touch of innovation, we Envision, Create, Communicate, and Evaluate to reflect the best of our clients’ brand to their preferred audiences worldwide. We help clients realize their business aspirations, catering to their needs in an entrepreneurial, holistic and futuristic mindset. Our services are provided with a view to respect and learn from the past, embrace the present, to stay a step ahead when tomorrow comes.



Strategies set the course for impact and success. We tailor robust strategies accompanied by implementation mechanisms for the communications needs of our clients, as pertinent to specific audiences and their tendencies.

We go the extra mile to partner with clients to ensure that each and every tactic is ownable, flexible to allow adaptability to changing realities. We help them set and achieve SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant as well as Timely.



Creation of compelling, innovative concepts, content and products is key to the implementation of communications strategies. We help our clients shape their visual identity and brand. We go beyond developing campaigns, knowledge and advocacy material, to reinventing leadership and entity communications.


Content creation and management through developing messages, speeches, talking points, presentations, press releases, impact stories, newsletters, brochures, fact sheets and other material for multiple platforms.


Design and development of websites, mobile applications, and social media pages to boost the digital presence of our clients; Digital management and marketing to engage with digital audiences in a way that maximizes reach and visibility, impacting enough to inspire action.


Design and production of brand packages, infographics, motion graphics, digital, audio-visual and print products, such as photo/video stories, interviews, testimonials, and much more.


Writing, proofreading, copyediting, and translation in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, and French.



Communications strategies must be properly resourced, flexibly implemented. We develop and execute action plans tailored to changing needs, budgets, and scenarios, such as crises, reputation or misinformation challenges, in addition to negative or counter campaigns.

To amplify and sustain impact, we seek to find common ground between clients and stakeholders; hence facilitating structured collaboration and partnerships to accomplish shared goals. This includes outreach to and engagement with media, social groups, civil entities, public and private sectors, among others.

We further provide media and communications coaching, as well as capacity building, to individuals and groups. Through this service, positioning of brands, business growth, messaging and reputation building are improved across various platforms.



Performance evaluation enables an insightful, unruffled crossing of the bridge between planned objectives and tangible outcomes. Not only it measures the effectiveness of communications strategies, but also it allows deep understanding together with knowledgeable management of the stakeholders’ expectations and performance.

We identify evaluation criteria against the SMART goals that are established in strategies and reflected in implementation mechanisms or action plans. Monitoring media as well as public tendencies allows us to analyze and track impact. This, in turn, helps us identify challenges to adapt tactics, tools and platforms when needed, then communicate and celebrate milestones.